Armstrong Bracket Information Form
Boat Information
Year Make/Model Length Color
Transom Information

Angle Thickness Transom Shape
Flat (Straight Across From Side to Side)
Static Water Line
Bow Heavy Stern Heavy Level

Note: The Carpenter's Square must be a large Carpenter's Square with a long side length of 22.5 inches.

Measuring the Transom Angle:

    1. Use a standard carpenter's square (22.5"x14")

    2. Place a carpenter's square, with the long side (22.½") under the keel or to the outside edge of the hull, parallel with the chine.

    3. Place the short side against the transom vertically.

    4. Take the measurement (see sketch) between the inside corner of the square and the boat transom.

    Each 1/4" is equal to 1° in transom angle.

If this is a repower, previous power was:

In-board (I/O )
Sea Drive
Out-Board (O/B)

Total Horsepower:
Engine Information
Number of Engines Year Make/Model Total Horsepower Top Speed Shaft Length Kicker Engine?
Boat Use
Cruising Fishing Diving Skiing Swimming Other:
Transom Measurements
Transom Measurements Guide Your Measurements:
"A": Transom height at center
"B": Transom height 15" from center
"C": Width of Transom at the top
"D": Width of Transom at the bottom
"E": Flat area dimension (Pad)
Do you want platforms?
Desired platform width:
Built-in Ladder Mount?
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