Are Your Deckplates this Watertight?
 Design  Savings
  • Watertight - Completely seals against water Intrusion.
  • One-piece Unit - No trim ring, fasteners, or sealant.
  • Ease of use - A turn of the "T" handle releases or secures the deck plate.  No additional tools needed to open or close .
  • Patented design loads the deck plate at the center, distributing sealing pressure uniformly at the seal ring.
  • Watertight - Reduce the number of warranty claims and processing time, as well as the cost of replacement parts.
  • One-Piece Unit - Reduce manufacturing time.
  • Material Costs - No additional screws, caulking compounds or clean-up.
  • No lost, broken or dirty parts - Install your Deck Plate during final inspection at the end of the production line.

Armstrong Deckplates Completely Seal Against Water Intrusion.

The Armstrong Watertight Compression Deck Plate offers the boat manufacturer an alternative to the industry's standard hatch cover.  The Armstrong Deck Plate will reduce boat manufacturing costs and replace the outdated "pie-eye" with a stronger, better looking access cover. 

Download a Printable Deckplate Flyer 

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